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Imagine the fun of a hands on cooking class.

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About Delightful Palate

”I’ve been called many things, but the “Queen of Condiments” is quite simply the best.”

A culinary condiment?  Yes, you heard me, a culinary condiment. I truly believe there is absolutely, unequivocally nothing more important when creating a meal or a dish!  

Through the years, I shared my love of food and cooking with my family, friends and students. As a self-taught cook and instructor, I love to taste, pair and explore unchartered territory in the kitchen.

Searching for simple, doable ways to dazzle the eye and delight the palate is what I do. Time and again I kept turning to certain combination of ingredients to brighten and enhance the flavor of my vegetables, meats and fruit.  My students loved what I was doing. My customer’s loved it. And my husband couldn’t live without it.  

That’s when I realized I was onto something.

In 2014, I took a leap of faith and launched my very own artisan line of culinary condiments called Delightful Palate. This line of vinaigrettes is gluten free and made with all natural ingredients.

Today, Delightful Palate offers three fresh, delicious flavors – Balsamic Honey Glaze, Stone Fruit Nectar and Wild Mayhaw Berry. Delightful Palate condiments are perfect for busy people who want to steal a little pleasure out of each day. Be bold –toss, drizzle, infuse—I promise you’ll cook and eat better than you ever have before. 

So where can you get your Delightful Palate fix? Right now, Whole Foods Market in the South West Region of the US, 22 H-E-B stores in Texas and several Rouses Supermarkets. In Baton Rouge look for me in the independent grocery stores. In Alexandria find me at Good People Kitchen and Terra Home gifts. Also click on my website at Delightfulpalate.net. to order product and find new recipes

And one more thing – the Delightful Palate Trio makes a beautiful holiday gift!