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The Dallas Market Center "Foodie Finds" Show

The first day of the Dallas Market Center
The Dallas Market Center

Weary yet charged and still eager, we have just returned from back-to-back food shows. Delightful Palate started at the Dallas Center and then moved on to The Fancy Food Show in New York.  At both, my sister Janie and I pounced on the opportunity to flag down, run into and introduce ourselves, to an array of captivating people. 

It was inspiring to meet the countless vendors who have nurtured a product to this point of sale. I also admired how they all figured out how to participate in these shows because, the process from deciding to go to the shows and then needing everything set up for first day when each began was a daunting and confusing experience. Lets begin with the Dallas show where my, Sister-in-law, Susie, who ran my last minute errands and provided us with a luxurious place to stay, was comforting for us beginners. 

The thing about these shows,  is that they bombard you with so many forms to fill out ranging from offering your booth a free table and chair to a sheet of  graph paper to fill in where you want  the light fixtures placed. And every single form has a different deadline date. I plugged in all my dates into my calendar and started making lists and phone calls.

The first deadline was sending out postcards to buyers, so I scheduled a photo shoot with T.J. Shuflin, a local photographer, to take product pictures and then a meeting with Judith, my graphic artist, who would design the postcards along with recipe booklets, business cards and posters. 

I needed to have “show deals” that included shipping prices. I parked my self at the counter at the UPS office with cases of my product to calculate weight, dimensions, box sizes and how many ounces of Styrofoam peanuts would be needed. I had the expert help of Teresa, the local owner of the UPS store, who was invaluable at figuring it out. The Dallas Market show attracts 35,000 buyers so I had to calculate how many samples, I might hand out?  Would I need, product bottles for display and sampling?Do I pack two tablecloths or more? Should there be raised areas on the table? 

 After making all those decisions, I packed. My Armada was loaded to the gills and unloading it ourselves, left us, with sweat dripping of the ends of our noses. After waiting in line and fighting for space on the freight elevators, we finally met our neighboring vendors for the week. The Toffee Queen; Big Little Fudge; Cookie Chow; and Jennifer Mcguire, National Sales Manager of O My Goodness Cookies, as in the tin of sugar cookies gracing, the cover of Dean and Deluca catalog. She was kind enough to patiently mentor me through my first food show because I had not carefully read all the rules and she quickly got me up to speed.

On the first floor of the Dallas Market  Center there are permanent food booths, these booths are open to the buyers all year. I went to see who was there and discovered a fascinating product and the story behind  it: Ziegelmeirs Crunchy Toasted Pecan Butter. Gatha, her husband and their small children all are needed to get this outrageously delicious product on the market. I went to her booth every day and sampled my lunch. 

We met buyers from Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi, Texas and even St Francesville, La. and now I can say  proudly that Delightful Palate ships to all. I sure hope my shipping prices are right.