Hands-on cooking class

Imagine the fun of a hands on cooking class.

Additionally we do corporate and group events!


Delightful Palate Cooking Classes

Delightful Palate Cooking Classes

 Meet Lili Courtney

Lili is the founder and creator of Delightful Palate, an artisan line of gourmet Line of vinaigrettes. Delightful Palate can be found at a number of food markets across Louisiana and Texas including Rouses, Langenstein’s, Dorignac’s Food Center,  Calvin’s, Calando’s, Alexander’s Highland Market, The Good People Kitchen, Whole Foods Market in the South West Region and HEB Markets in Texas.

As a self-taught cook and instructor, Lili is passionate about tasting and pairing new foods and exploring unchartered territory in the kitchen. Her specialty is using fresh, seasonal ingredients to create a unique taste. Her enthusiasm for cooking truly gives everything she prepares that extra ounce of delightfulness!

Lili of Delightful Palate offers a variety of cooking classes to suit your needs. Whether you're looking for a fun neighborhood event, a team building program, or a corporate conference program, Lili will work with you personally to create a custom cooking class that fits your budget and participants. Take a look at our previous classes http://www.delightfulpalate.net/cooking-classes

Email lili@delightfulpalate.net to book your class!