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What does a girl have to do to get best dressed ? Wear a hair net. Best Dressed - The Baton Rouge Advocate

Line of marinades, dressings has grown from greasy jars to factory-sealed bottles

Best dressed and TV Demo's to see how to cook the recipe's 






Clean Eating and Art at the Beach

Annie Ray producing an aabstract dp logo

I opened the refrigerator to get out the milk for coffee and spied a bowl of oatmeal with dark specks floating in milk “What is that? Better yet, whose is that? 


I opened the refrigerator to get out the milk for coffee and spied a bowl of oatmeal with dark specks floating in milk “What is that? Better yet, whose is that? 

You See I had invited myself on my friend Fahy’s vacation at the beach on 30A Highway in Seagrove, Florida. Her twin daughters, Annie and Cornelia, and some of their friends-all of whom are in college- were also on the trip and they enlightened me about refrigerator oatmeal. At first, I did not understand this method for the idea of “Clean Eating.” But as it turns out , this particular recipe is a pinterest favorite finding its way  onto boards everywhere, so I listened. As the girls and I kept talking, the theme of Clean Eating continued as one of their other friends, Sarah Margaret, described how to make roasted okra. 

I asked Annie to soak some oatmeal and teach me how to make this “clean” breakfast. I was raised on hot fluffy bacon biscuits slathered with home made  mayhaw Jelly for breakfast, but I figured I’d give this refrigerator oatmeal a whirl. 

The next morning Annie said “ Ok Aunt Lil, here is the recipe,” I am not really her aunt by blood, but  close enough. She continued, The first thing you do is soak the chia seeds and oats in almond milk overnight. The chia seeds give it crunch and are high in the good fat, Omega-3, and have lots of fiber. In the morning you heat up the oats for a minute in the microwave and then add  slightly stirred egg whites. Then yu heat for another minute and add chopped banana, cinnamon and natural sugar to taste. You can also eat this cold; in that version. You just add yogurt and fresh fruit.”Hmmm… “ I replied, Lets try the hot version.” 

I found to my surprise, that ist is a stick to your ribs kind of breakfast. 

Later in the week, I needed a temporary table runner made with Delightful Palate logo on it for my booth at the 30A Farmers Market at Rosemary Beach. After browsing in The Perfect Pig restaurant and store,, I found a roll of chalk paper made by Kitchen Papers and brought it back to the condo. I unrolled it on the dining room table and asked Annie, who is in all respects an artist, to crate an abstract version of my logo. It exceeded my every  expectation, and I definitely want her to make me more! 


As a thank you to the girls for teaching me about clean eating and clean eating recipes and for providing free artwork, I shared what I bought at the 30A Farmers Market and made a version of my favorite salad: sliced homegrown tomatoes, cucumbers and avocado garnished with wild mayhaw candied bacon and scattered with hemp seeds, packed with nutrients and high inprotien. Whole roasted okra, The Power Pod, low in calories, delivers a healthy dose of vitamin K as well as vitamins C and A


Delightful Palate making some special appearances at a few Rouses Food Markets and The Red Stick Market in Baton Rouge on Saturday

Rouses newly renovated  Food Market on Power Blvd. in Metarie, La

 A whirl wind of a week end! Rouses newly renovated  Food Market on Power Blvd. in Metarie, La

Delightful Palate making  some special appearances at a few Rouses Food Markets on Barrone Street with Chef Allison, Veterans Blvd, Tchoup. and Power Blvd. in New orleans  and Red Stick Market in Baton Rouge, La. 


Pop Up Farmer's Market at Alexander's on Highland Road and more markets

Some of the local manufacture's at LSU incubator- Hanley Sensation Dressing, Delightful Plalate, RE: Garlicky salad dressing and marinade, Ruth's Hummus and Elkarita Drink mix

The Pop Up Famer's Market at Alexander's on Highland Road in Baton Rouge.

Some of the Vendors at the Pop Up Farmer's Market at Alexander's- Southern Art Hot Sauce,Ruth's Hummus, Elkarita Drink Mix,Hanley's Sensation Salad Dressing, Delightful Palate's Marinades, Glazes and Vinaigrettes ,Asian Slaw with Delightful Palate's Stone Fruit Nectar,Re:Garlicky Vinaigrette,Jeauxs Boys Bar-b-que sauce,The Big Squeezy fresh juice,Forte Grove Bread ,Forte Grove's Whole Wheat Oatmeal Bread