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Delight Me

Delightful Palate Summer Food Show Circuit New York-Tomato Ombre

Tomato Ombre, The Team at the Summer Fancy Food Show in New York,  Farmer's Market ,the white tents showering the horizon, a sea of vegetables, micro red amaranth, Catskill Merino Sheep Rugs, Quark?, curry sauerkraut,  Duck sausage from the Hudson Valley Duck Farm, Mario Batali's Eataly, The Staff, Eataly, Seafood section in Eataly, Pasta sheets, hand rolled pasta, Pasta case in Eataly, The enormous Jacob Javits Center, Your pallet awaits, Delightful Palate's dazzling display, Acala Farms - flavored Cotton Seed Oil, mitchmallows, Mary Goes Crackers, DP's food stylist Plump, juicy tomatoes

Delightful Palate Summer Food Show Circuit –New York 

After the Dallas food market came to a close we headed home to repack and ship a pallet of materials to our next stop. The Summer Fancy Food Show in New York City. Our first morning there, we bounced around subway lines, making our way to the Union Square Farmer’s Market, to shop for the ingredients we’d need for the samples, we planned on handing out at the show. As we emerged above ground from the subway, the countless white tents showering the horizon came into view. Inside them we discovered heirloom tomatoes, micro red amaranth, Catskill Merino Sheep rugs, quark, curry sauerkraut and duck sausage, from Hudson Valley Duck Farm. We stayed disciplined and only purchased what was needed, the heirloom tomatoes and a variety of fresh herbs. Our shopping complete, my sister led us up the block to Mario Batali’s Eataly, kitty-corner from the Flatiron, Building; I could not resist running by for a quick look around, Eataly’s, staff, was in the middle of its daily rundown. Fresh pasta sheets were quickly being cranked out, artisans then cut, stuffed and hand-rolled them into assorted shapes.

The enormous Jacob Javits Center hosted the Fancy Food Show. We arrived to find everyone scurrying, around, breaking down pallets to transform their 10 x 20 foot spaces into, dazzling displays which would, entice the sharpest buyers in the industry. In the New Brands on the Shelf Pavilion, our neighbors were Danielle Diltz-Livous of Nutzo, a seven nut seed butter which already shares space in my fridge ( I put it on my sliced Pink Lady apples) and Sarah Botham of Acala Farms, which makes flavor-infused cotton seed oils. I found that my favorite flavors are fried shallot, curry and the cilantro flavors. An adorable presentation by MitchMallows, a line of uniquely flavored marshmallows, I sampled the creamsicle and ginger wasabi flavors, plus at least 15 more new vendors on the row completed “New Brands on the Shelf. Walking around, on the floor of the show, I met Elizabeth of Purely  Elizabeth Granola, an all natural, organic granola made with ancient grains. I’ve been addicted to it for several months and had to introduce myself to her. I also met Mary and Mary Anne of Mary Gone Crackers, they generously gave us several boxes to use for our demo samples. Our pavilion attracted a wide selection of buyers from gift shops to restaurants, grocery stores such as, Kroger’s and Whole Foods as well as talent scouts for the Cooking Channel, chef and T.V. personality Sarah Moulton, (yes, I told her I used her mini meat loaf recipe in my cooking class), the marketing men form KEHE Distributors, and e-Retailers who design gluten free apps for your product to sell on line. 

It takes a team to participate in the show, and I was lucky enough to my sister Janie to help Hawk my wares, my son Sean who became the food stylist, and my nephew Jonathan, who lives in Boston and is videographer. He filmed, clips of the show for Delightful Plate’s You Tube channel. And my husband, Tim, has been a great, support, in this business adventure. 

On the flight, home I was reading the June-July issue of Martha Stewart ,Living, and the cover caught my eye, plump, juicy, luscious sliced tomatoes glistened, on a piece of crispy grilled garlic bread,.Tomatoe Ombre. I sent a text to my sister, Helen, when I landed and begged, to be brought, some home grown tomatoes. She did, and I recreated this dish, but with a twist: Tomato Ombre with a drizzle of Delightful Palate’s Balsamic Garlic Honey on the top. Perfection- it was created for this dish.




Pinch Me!

Double Berry and Goat Cheese Pizza with  Delightful Palate's Stone Fruit Nectar

Pinch me! I am thrilled and flabbergasted that Delightful Palate is gracing the shelves of Modica Market in Seaside and Cowgirl Kitchen Feed & Supply in Rosemary Beach.

click on Feed and Supply's Facebook page and help them name their Piggy

For the last 15 years these stores have been my first stops at the beach to stock up on Modicas’s marinated goat cheese and caramel cake. My next stop is Cowgirl Kitchen for their pimento cheese and layered dip. Seaside has a Farmer’s Market on Tuesdays and Modica market allowed me to set up a table and demo in the back of their store and the response was tremendous.On Thursday Morning Rosemary Beach allowed me to pop a tent at' their Farmer's Market. Diane Kolopanas manages the market and also sells her Greek baklava and spinach pies, Crust Artisan Bakery from Santa Rosa Beach bring their brick oven and sell fresh breads and calzones to order. They also have vendors selling produce and beef.

The house we rented at the beach this year had a Green Egg so we grilled Double Berry and Goat Cheese Pizza with Delightful Palate’s Stone Fruit Nectar. I read about a similar idea on Cookie+Kate’s blog and revamped it a little. I wanted to share the recipe for your sunburned filled week at the beach.


Nibbling on Mother's Day

Strawberry Caprese Bruschetta

 Nibbles for Mother’s Day,

Strawberry Caprese Bruschetta

In preparation for my Saturday Morning 10:00 demo at the Baton Rouge Red Stick Market, I have been experimenting and testing recipes incorporating the ingredients from the vendor list that they emailed me. The Succulent strawberries from Fekete Farms, edible flowering broccolini from Inglewood, Cheddar Cheese Curds from Rocking R Dairy, and Fig and Walnut Bread from Forte Grove Bakery and that is only mentioning a handful of the vendors.


After reading the recent Issue of Southern Living's Fresh Garden Recipes, I mingled a few of their recipes together and created The Strawberry-Tomato Bruschetta on Fig and Walnut Bread to spot light Delightful Palate’s Stone Fruit Nectar. 
Improvising a few ingredients that were available at the market, I added crunchy-diced fennel, peppery arugula, cheddar cheese curds, and spring onions then doused it with The Stone Fruit Nectar Vinaigrette and piled it high on the toasted bread.
Chef Celeste, who coordinates the demo’s also has her own retail shop named Chef Celeste’s Louisiana Treasures inside the market featuring local products, helped me serve up over 50 sample cups to feed the audience.
Pair these Bruschetta’s with a glass of chilled Proseca and make a toast to us Mom’s!