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Salmon Nicoise Salad with Super Greens & DP Takes Texas

Salmon Nicoise Salad with Super Greens

When Whole Foods Market calls to tell you they’ve put your product on the shelf in their South West Region, you go west my friend. My sister Janie and I set off to visit sixteen markets in the vast state of Texas and as you can imagine we met some wonderful people, encountered some interesting things and began to slightly understand the ebb and flow of each store, WFM customers and their unique lingo.

Our first swing by was in Dallas, Texas where we hit the heart of the city then trekked up north and scooted down south. We were there to tell as many potential customers about the salad dressing that goes on everything! In Plano, Texas they lapped up our samples and the bazillion applications we suggested that they use it (you can find inspiration recipes here). They wanted to know if it was gluten free, all natural and non-GMO. In the Park City, the buzz question from our potential customers wearing very stylish Lululemon and Fitbits was, “how many sugars are in two tablespoons” or “I get my healthy oils from eating nuts, olives and avocados.” I suggested that all of those ingredients would be tastier mixed with a little Balsamic Garlic Honey dressing and they seemed to agree.

In the more remote areas, we were bewildered to find an adventuring 85-year-old woman who would purchase, “a new product“ and a husband who still lit up the grill. We arrived just in time for lunch in Houston, Texas. We engaged with the oil/energy lunch crowd huddled around the salad bar. The men, suited up in their slim cut trousers and wing tip shoes and the women dressed in their pencil skirts, hurriedly grabbing a nibble to take back to the office. Quite a few paused to hear the explanation of what a mayhaw berry was (unfortunately most of their grandmothers did not make mayhaw jelly to put on their hot biscuits!). The vegans did lick the sample cups clean of fresh cherries and Wild Mayhaw Berry dressing though. Texans know good food when they taste it.   

We then arrived into Austin to the Flag Ship store (weary to say the least!) where we converted some bohemian customers to the pairing of a juicy ripe mango and the Stone Fruit Nectar dressing infused with fresh basil. We whizzed together the dressing with fresh basil until it become a beautiful shade of pale green.

Best of all, in Austin we met one of the owners, Scott Rickstrew of Leaf Safari, a hydroponic farm outside of Austin. Scott and Sean invited us for a field trip to tour their facility on Hogs Eve Road which we couldn’t possibly refuse. Inside these massive green houses are rows and rows of their different varieties they grow from micro greens to their own blend of superfood: a mix of mustards, choy, bekana, wasabi greens, broccoli leaves and Arugula. They pick and pack every day and ship it out. We made a pact while we were there and decided it would be a grand idea to use each other’s products in our demos – Leaf Safari greens lightly drizzled with Delightful Palate salad dressing. Even good ideas are bigger in Texas!

Our first recipe combines these two ingredients to work so well together! A Salmon Nicoise Salad on a bed of Leaf Safari Super Greens, drizzed with Delightful Palate Balsamic Garlic Honey as a salad dressing.