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The Brunch Party at the Residents of Willow Grove

 Starting by the recipe by cutting out the puff pastry for the Egg and Bacon Pies
The Residents of Willow Grove Cooking Class

Our neighborhood cooking class tackled the Brunch menu and we created a feast of Mango Bites, Bacon and Farm Egg Pies with Spice Butter, Poached Asparagus with Shrimp Remoulade, Scrambled Duck Eggs with Mushrooms and Coconut Caramel Pie Shooters. If there is ever a way to get to know your neighbor this is it. We elbowed our way to the stove to crack duck eggs, and poach asparagus.  We shared baking sheets piled with tomatoes and garlic shrimp to roast in a blaring hot convection oven. Joined forces to whip up coconut milk and melt caramel sauce to layer the coconut pie shooters for dessert. It was a team effort that resulted in an amazing feast and our hosts graciously opened up their home to let us all make a huge mess, giggle, and pose for pic's.