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Delightful Palate featured in 225 Magazine

Lili Courtney and Delightful Palate debut at Maxwell's Market in Baton Rouge

On Jan. 31, 225BatonRouge.com featured Delightful Palate and Owner/Founder Lili Courtney in the article "Pioneering Products."  The author Maggie Heyn Richardson notes that Lili has converted "a favorite recipe into . . .  Balsamic Garlic Honey, Stone Fruit Nectar, and Wild Berry Mayhaw, [which] can be used on salads and cooked in grains or for infusing meats and vegetables."  The article focuses on up-and-coming entrepreneurial chefs who are creating Louisiana products which have a wide-market appeal.  Click here to read more about "Pioneering Products" at 225BatonRouge.com.  To find out more about Lili's three delightful culinary condiments or to place an order, click here.