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Grand opening for Rouses Supermarket in Denham Springs, La.

Watching your product being cut in for shelf space

Watching  Will Ireland , my sales rep from Perrone and sons distribution Co. out of New Orleans, cut in shelf space for my prodcuct a few days before the grand opening of Rouses Market in Denham Springs, La. Bustling would not describe the environment in this store. There are dollies stacked to the max rolling around corners, people on ladders stocking shelves, nails still being hammered in the walls, and deliveries coming through receiving one after another. The managing staff beams with pride with their glossy new store. There is the fresh shrimp bin, sushi bar, prepared foods, deli, pizza sation, every flavor king cake towering on top of floor displays, copius assortment of fresh seafood piled on top of crushed ice. a whopping varieties of apples and oranges all neatly arranged in one direction in seperate baskets. The emphasis on Local products is obvious and well exhibited. We local vendors appreciatte that sentiment.


The New Rouses Market 10130 Crossing Way,

Denham Springs, LA 70726



Many thanks to my rep for snagging Delightful Palate an off shelf display on top of the salad bar.