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Learning how to make puff pastry and Alfajor cookies with Chef Chris

Alfajor a confection found in Latin America
cookie dough
rolling it out
alfajor cookies
Butter block for puff pastry
squaring off the puff pastry
Turning the puff pastry
Chef Chris, Fahy Dewitt and Me

Spending the day with my great friend, Fahy and Chef Chris Nicosia from the Louisiana Culinary Institute in Baton Rouge. Chef Chris taught us how to make Alfajor cookies sandwiched with Dulce De Leche filling and puff pastry from scratch. She showed us techniques on how to make a butter block for the puff pastry, how to chill the dough and make turns to create a flaky pastry. It was a very interesting day at the Red Stick Spice Co. kitchen.