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LSU-Ag Center Incubator Presentation

Delightful Palate  at The LSU-Ag Center Incubator Presentation
Delightful Palate The at LSU-Ag Center Incubator Presentation
The director of the new Food Incubator at LSU, Gaye Sandoz, asked  several new local vendors to give a 5 minute presentation on how the Incubator helped get our products on the market. In the other pictures are Lois and Charlie Comeaux the owners of WowWee-Cajun Dipping Sauce and  Elke of Elkarita, all Natural, Low Sugar Cocktail Mix.

I was raving to them about how scrumptious Roasted Grapes with Stone Fruit Nectar is paired on cheese boards and tossed in salads and I've decided to share the recipe with you.


Find the step-by-step directions by the creator herself,
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