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Softs at Shaya, the new John Besh Israeli restaurant in Nola

The beautifully designed sign
The beautifully designed sign

After fighting the parade crowd on Magazine street, we finally entered into the smart, elegant new John Besh restaurant Shaya. My son Sean is one of the front-end managers of this restaurant so we received an invitation to the soft opening. Immediately upon entering, the staff welcomed us and we were given a tour of the restaurants elegant private dining rooms and well equipped kitchens. Chef Alon Shaya and Chef Michael Wilson pumped out some amazing delicious food. That wood burning stove does bake the best, thick and chewy pita bread proclaimed by Eater Nola .I was surprised at the texture and that flat, thin pita from the grocery will never satisfy me again.

 a few items that busted with flavor were the Pita spread ikra, which is labneh with anchovies folded into it and garnished with shallots and caviar and the Moroccan carrots and chermoula vinaigrette, grilled lamb kebabs with tahini, tomatoes and cilantro.

Surprises on the palate were the rose and spice tahini sauce for the foie gras, the Hungarian curried tarragon dumplings and romanesco with the black bass.