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A Washington D.C. Blogger shares her recipe for how she is using Delightful Palate From Em-l-lis

In the past, I’ve written enthusiastically about the friends I’ve made through my involvement in the Food 52 web site. For a while, the wise, knowledgeable, sassy voices of these women were obscured behind user IDs and perhaps a blurry thumbnail portrait. I admired them from afar and got to know them to a degree. Now, I know their names, the places they call home, a bit about their families. We trade funny tweets and tipsy emails, travel tips and words of support, a little snark here, lots of love there, and I feel lucky to call them pals.

Meanwhile, today was my last official writing class. Each Sunday since January, a small group of women has called in to a joint conference, to read our own work and provide feedback on others. As with the F52 community I’ve established, my writing peers vary in age and are from all over the country, and I think I speak for at least a good handful of us when I say we’ve become friends. The women are so interesting and funny, each with such different perspectives and stories to tell. It was a true pleasure to get to know them more each week, in the way you can when people open themselves and trust.

I’m struck repeatedly by the fact that I may never meet these women though I hope that’s not the case. I would love to walk Florentine (or MT) streets with Cyn, meet Suzanne’s pugs (and offer her mine), visit Karen in Australia, garden and hang out with Laura in NM, stroll through old Boston haunts with Catherine, talk Louisiana with Lili. There is so much bad in the world today, so much partisanship, meanness, violence and intolerance; it’s easy to understand why some become suspicious, disengage, presume. But to do so is unwise for it shuts you off to so many possibilities, including new friends, unexpected generosity, experiences that make you bigger and better and happy you stayed open.

Lili, a Louisianian who is so charming and likeable and peppy that I am reinvigorated with love for my home-state every time I speak with her, has taught cooking classes for 20 years and recently launched the Delightful Palate, a culinary product she created and now sells. She asked to send me some, and I was thrilled. Despite her admonitions to the contrary (sorry, Lil, I’m getting there), I’ve thus far used her goodies only as salad dressings. Oliver loves the Balsamic Garlic Honey on his lunch salads, and tonight I drizzled my composed greenery with Lili’s Wild Mayhaw Berry. Isn’t this pretty?! Shaved fennel and watermelon radish with candied kumquats, young chevre and toasted walnuts. Wonderful!