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Delightful Palate  at The LSU-Ag Center Incubator Presentation
The director of the new Food Incubator at LSU, Gaye Sandoz, asked  several
Lush roasted grapes with syrupy, nectarous juice

I first read about this tecnique of roasting grapes in the Wall Street Journal. I prepared them for one of my cooking classes as an appetizer. Brush thick slices of Ciabatta bread with olive oil and broil under your oven broiler until they are crunchy and golden brown. Stack with some Cambozola blue Cheese, decadent fromage d' affinois, a triple cream or a Spanish Manchego Cheese. Crown your crostini with a clump of lush roasted grapes and dribble the syrupy, nectarous juices on top. I also chill the grapes and...

Lili Courtney and Delightful Palate debut at Maxwell's Market in Baton Rouge

On Jan. 31, 225BatonRouge.com featured Delightful Palate and Owner/Founder Lili Courtney in the article "Pioneering Products."  The author Maggie Heyn Richardson notes that Lili has converted "a favorite recipe into . . .  Balsamic Garlic Honey, Stone Fruit Nectar, and Wild Berry Mayhaw, [which] can be used on salads and cooked in grains or for infusing meats and vegetables."  The article focuses on up-and-coming entrepreneurial chefs who are creating Louisiana products which have a wide-market appeal.  Click here to read more about "Pioneering Products" at 225BatonRouge.com.  To...

Avocado- Long cooked Broccoli Fett’unta

I recently taught an Italian cooking class and we served this new twist on Fettunta.Fettunta is a combination of the best garlic bread you have ever eaten and Brushetta. In Chianta they call it Fettunta. I first tasted it in Tuscany on a Food Tour with Elaine Trigiani. She took us to visit Paolo and Gionni Pruneti at their Olive oil Factory in Chianti for an olive oil tasting. That was followed up with lunch at Rossella’s Risorante Giovanni da Verrazzano in the Piazzo of Greve where they used Gionni’s...

Pho Bo`: Beef noodle Soup

Last winter I started trying to teach myself how to make Pho, a Vietnamese noodle soup. I first made a Chicken Pho and found it not to be very tasty, humdrum, in fact.

This fall, when Charlie Phan, Chef of the Slanted Door in San Francisco, published his new cookbook Vietnamese Home Cooking, I downloaded it to my Kindle and went straight to the index for his version of Pho. Because his Ginger Kaffir Limeade ranks as one of the best, I knew his Pho recipe would be worth the...



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