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Imagine the fun of a hands on cooking class.

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The local shelf display at The Fresh Market on Perkins Rd. in Baton Rouge La.

Delightful Palate is pleased to be included in such great stores in Baton Rouge.  All the Markets in Baton Rouge are great supporters of Local products

Matherne's Market Downtown,The Fresh Market on Perkins Rd.


Delightful Palate's Shrimp and Grits


 Mardi Gras 2015 is over and Lent is a time for reflection, service, and sacrifice, – a solemn time – especially for all of us in the Calandro family with our Catholic roots as we prepare for Easter.  However, one thing that we always secretly relish during this time of the year is one of those “sacrifices” that really, in Louisiana, becomes a reason to focus in on what our state is know most for....

The beautifully designed sign

After fighting the parade crowd on Magazine street, we finally entered into the smart, elegant new John Besh restaurant Shaya. My son Sean is one of the front-end managers of this restaurant so we received an invitation to the soft opening. Immediately upon entering, the staff welcomed us and we were given a tour of the restaurants elegant private dining rooms and well equipped kitchens. Chef Alon Shaya and Chef Michael Wilson pumped out some amazing delicious food. That wood burning...

Peanut Butter Criss Cross Cookie Sandwich

Just after my youngest sister entered into kindergarten, my mother decided to enroll in night classes at Technical Community College in order to become a librarian. I looked forward to the twice a week adventure of accompany my father to pick her up from class.

I’d rush to the car, jump in the back seat, nestle down on to the floor and hide, draped under my father’s London Fog trench coat. We parked the car by the two-story college building and I would peek my head out from the...

Watching your product being cut in for shelf space

Watching  Will Ireland , my sales rep from Perrone and sons distribution Co. out of New Orleans, cut in shelf space for my prodcuct a few days before the grand opening of Rouses Market in Denham Springs, La. Bustling would not describe the environment in this store. There are dollies stacked to the max rolling around corners, people on ladders stocking shelves, nails still being hammered in the walls, and deliveries coming through receiving one after another. The managing staff beams with pride with their glossy new store....

Farro Salad with Gold Beets, Feta and Pecans

Emily is a daily blogger from Washington DC and today I open up her email to find that her recipe had been picked as the Wildcard Winner on the food blod Food 52! I have  demo's this week end at the two Rouse's in Lafayette and I am going to try this recipe. I will add some Louisiana citrus which will go nicely with the sweetness of the golden beets and the earthy flavor of the farro. The question is do...

 Delightful Palate's Stone Fruit Nectar as the salad dressing for this Louisiana Citrus Salad

A great recipe using our Louisiana Citrus and a healthy burst of Vitamin C during this cold snap using Delightful Palate's Stone Fruit Nectar Salad Dressing in two different ways. We use it to flavor the goat cheese torte and drizzle it over the salad as a salad dressing.http://www.delightfulpalate.net/recipes-culinary-condiments/delightful-palates-stone-fruit-nectar-curry-torte

Gaye Sandoz Director of LSU AgCenter Food Uncubator

Over the past year, program director Gaye Sandoz has been busy growing the incubator into a resource center for area foodies who are looking to create the next big thing.


Preparing for class with Gaye Sandoz at the new LSU Kitchen

Hands-On Holiday Cooking Class 

Delightful Palate Cooking Class with Lili Courtney and Gaye Sandoz at the LSU Ag Food Incubator

Featured recipe Citrus Salad and Stuffed Dates with Goat Cheese and Delightful Palate's Stone Fruit Nectar 

Roasted Sweet Potato, Cranberry, Spinach Salad with Delightful Palate's Wild Mayhaw Berry

Embrace Winter's Produce with Roasted Sweet Potato, Cranberry, Spinach Salad with Delightful Palate's Wild Mayhaw Berry.  In the Winter roasting root vegetables is an easy side dish. Try roasting carrots and red onions, or parsnnips, rutubagas, and sweet potaotes toegether. Experiment and incorporate all your vegetables from your farmer's market.



My name is Lili Courtney and welcome to my Delightful Palate blog! 

You will quickly learn that food is my life and the art of eating well is my passion.  I invite you to join the conversation about fresh food and fine living.  Together let’s discover the delightful flavors of life one entry at a time.

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