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Defeated by the Dingoes

Chocolate Almond Breakfast Bars.
The Dingoes
Roasted Spring Carrots with Delightful Palate's Wild Mayhaw Berry Vinaigrette  and Cumin and Fennel

Defeated by the Dingoes 

I invited myself to my sisters Helen’s home to spend some time with her and her enjoyable family. Her two older daughters have left the nest and only Virginia , her daughter in high school, husband Rick and their three dogs fill the home. That means I get a room to myself. 

All families have routines and since I wanted to be in the groove, and not smell like proverbial three-day-old fish. I picked up some crucial points you have to remember while visiting: Always keep your bedroom door closed; and abide by the two inch rule. The two inch rule was, simply put; leave a circle of two inches around any object you didn’t want scarfed, skinned or gnawed by the three dogs.

Blue is a big brown eyed one year old Beagle, who is a chowhound by nature. Samson is a proud and dignified snow white Scottish Terrier and Teddy is a mutt version of Samson, his coat is the color of dirty dish water. Blue gets bored and for sport he antagonizes the mutt and the distinguished terrier with raucous outburst of angry growls and neck biting. Shortly after, there are dog bodies flipping on the furniture like competitive wrestlers on a mat. They continue this mayhem until couch pillows spin to the floor and suddenly there is complete and beautiful silence. for about 11 minutes and the whole show starts again. 

My brother in law, Rick says “ it takes two times to remember the two inch rule”.

I was dooped three of four times . Not once but twice I poured my cranberry kombucha and cut a piece of Almond Butter Breakfast Bar, turned momentarily left when I heard loud slurps of joy and the only evidence left of my breakfast were a few lonely sunflower seeds on an empty plate.

The Dingo’s got my almond bar.

Thinking that the dogs were not getting an adequate breakfast to sustain their horseplay. I embraced the duty of feeding them. It did not make a bit of difference because those dogs on the hunt were bent on turning pumps into mules, re-shaping table corners, and trimming the tassels on Oriental rugs in chamois. 

I slipped up one morning and left my bedroom door open to fine the remains of my Bobbi Brown make up brushes bald of their lavish horsehair. Next to the remains was a limp empty packet of Justin’s Maple Almond Butter. Those dd ( damn dogs as my mother named our dog growing up) dogs  had raided my purse and taken my emergency stash that I used to ward off midmorning hunger pains. 

You have to keep your guard up and be agile. By the third day those pups began to smell like fish. 

I discovered my sister Helen’s pinterest found recipe for Chocolate Almond Breakfast Bars. They are chocked full of  sunflower and pumpkin seeds, sprinkles of dried cranberries ,oats and dark chocolate bits. All bound together with generic almond butter. Sorry Justin, expensive almond butter would not work here it would go unnoticed  by the pooches palate.

Spring brings Rainbow Carrots and here is a recipe that shows how well they go  with fennel, cumin and Wild Mayhaw Berry!